Search & Rescue

Organizing Search & Rescue Operations
  • Rescuer safety is your first priority.
  • Form 2-person or larger S&R teams. Volunteers may assist under CERT supervision.
  • Equip teams with first aid supplies, triage tags and S&R Forms.
  • First pass is to rapidly assess the situation, conduct triage and treat the Three Killers (Airway, Bleeding, Shock), and then return to treat and/or transport the other casualties.
  • Start searching where you are and move out in a logical pattern. Document as you go.
  • Size up the situation continually.
  • Always work with a buddy, never alone.
  • Conduct a 360-degree exterior visual and voice search of all structures for injured or trapped occupants. Never assume structures are vacant.
  • Only enter and search a structure if you suspect there are trapped or injured persons inside. Radio your Incident Commander before entering and leaving, or have someone outside monitor your progress.
  • Rescue lightly trapped victims first.
  • Use "X" search marking procedures before and after the structure search.
X marking slide
Search & Rescue | Lakewood Ranch Community Emergency Response Team