First Aid

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Triage the Casualties

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Triage Tags

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Pre-printed triage tags are nice if you have them, but you probably only have a few, if any. Plastic tear-off colored triage ribbon tape is just as good. You can pre-tear a bunch of each color and put them in a baggie with two pair of gloves and some first aid supplies. Or tie them loosely to your belt . You can also use masking tape or duct tape on the victim's forehead. Of course you will write on the tape before putting it on someone's forehead.
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Click on the thumbnail image on the left to download a PDF manual on how to use the Triage Tag.

Treat the "Three Killers"

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SAM Splints: Uses and Application Guidelines

Curve for Strength
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Sample Splints
1. Sweating of the skin may cause irritation if the SAM splint is to be kept in place for more than a few hours, which may be the case in most disaster scenarios. If possible, placing soft absorbent material, such as cotton cloth, between the skin and the splint may be more comfortable for the victim.

2. If the SAM splint is cut-to-size with scissors, roll the cut edge under or apply tape to cover any exposed metal.

Click Here to download the complete SAM Splint User Guide.SAM UserGuideCover
Humerus Splint
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