Useful Information and Documents You Can Download

Evacuation Zones
Map showing whether you are in an evacuation zone, and what priority you are should an evacuation warning be issued.
Evacuation Routes
Map showing the County evacuation routes.
HurricanePreparedness County Hurricane Preparedness Information
Manatee County Office of Emergency Management hurricane preparedness information for residents.
DisasterKit Disaster Kit
Assembling a disaster supplies kit.
EvacTips Evacuation Guidelines
What to do if you evacuate.
DuringHurricane Hurricane Instructions
Actions to take when there is a hurricane warning.
FamilyCommunications Informing Family
Tips for notifying out-of-area family of your status.
FoodSupplies Managing Food Supplies
How to manage food and ensure it is safe to eat.
Shelter Taking Shelter
Some tips for deciding where to take shelter during a hurricane or severe weather condition.
WaterGuidelines Managing Water Supplies
How to ensure you have safe water for your needs during a disaster.
SpecNeedsInfo Individuals with Special Needs
Providing for individuals with special needs.
SpecialNeeds County Registration Instructions for Special Needs Shelters
Manatee County instructions and registration forms for sheltering of special needs individuals.
InfoForPets Disaster Planning for Pets
Disaster planning tips for the care of your pets during a disaster.
UtilityShutoff Utility Shutoff
The natural gas supply to your home normally should not be shut off as a preventive measure. If there is a leak, evacuate your home and contact the gas company.
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