Hurricane Season June through November

Prepare your family's disaster plan now!

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  • Code Red is Manatee County’s new automatic notification system to alert residents to emergencies, hazmat incidents, terrorist incidents, severe weather alerts, Amber and Silver Alerts and national alerts.
  • Residents can choose to be alerted by multiple landline and cell telephone numbers, email numbers, text and social media.
  • Register now for Code Red at
HurricanePreparedness County Hurricane Preparedness Information
Manatee County Office of Emergency Management hurricane preparedness information for residents.
DuringHurricane Hurricane Instructions
Actions to take when there is a hurricane warning.
SpecialNeeds County Registration Instructions for Special Needs Shelters
Manatee County instructions and registration forms for sheltering of special needs individuals.

Family Disaster Planning

Why bother?

Hurricanes are just one threat to consider in keeping your family safe. Do you know that Florida is also the lightning capital of the United States, or that tornadoes accompany hurricanes and tropical storms?

If you had to evacuate your home, what would you take with you, where would you go, do you have a plan?

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Evacuate or Stay? A matter of your family's safety.

Click here for factors you should consider in making your decision.
If You Are Evacuating

Now is the time to think about whether you will stay or evacuate if a hurricane threatens our area.

One or two days before a major storm hits, evacuation routes become crowded and eventually clogged making for very slow going. You will not be able to travel as many miles as you would during normal conditions. And gas may be in short supply. Our advice: Leave well ahead of the rush.

If you do evacuate, and your home will be unoccupied, you may want to let a neighbor or one of your neighborhood CERT members know. This will be appreciated by CERT search and rescue personnel who want to account for every neighborhood resident.

Create a Family Disaster Plan!

Step-by-Step Online. Follow a step-by-step online program and print out a customized plan of action for you and your family. There are two options below. Check them both out and see which one best fits your family’s needs.
Florida Division of Emergency Management. Click on the picture below to go to the Florida Division of Emergency Management's online Family Hurricane Planner.
University of Missouri Extension. Click on the picture below to view and download a custom plan to have all of your critical family information listed in one place.

U of MO Family Plan

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Disaster Planning for Your Pets

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Incredibly Helpful Downloads

Lakewood Ranch Disaster Preparation Guide
(click to view or download)2016 Family Hurricane Handout
Red Cross Disaster Preparation Guide
(click to view or download)

FP&L Preparing for a Storm
(click on the picture to go to Florida Power & Light’s Family Storm Planning web site for additional resources.)
FP&L Storm Guide

Detailed Preparation Checklist
(click to view or download)

Hurricane Prep Checklist

Disaster Preparedness Guide for Elders
(click to view or download)Disaster Preparedness Guide for Elders

Evacuation Zones
Map showing whether you are in an evacuation zone, and what priority you are should an evacuation warning be issued.

Evacuation Routes
Map showing the County evacuation routes.

EvacTips Evacuation Guidelines
What to do if you evacuate.
UtilityShutoff Utility Shutoff
The natural gas supply to your home normally should not be shut off as a preventive measure. If there is a leak, evacuate your home and contact the gas company.
DisasterKit Disaster Kit
Assembling a disaster supplies kit.


Managing Food Supplies
How to manage food and ensure it is safe to eat.

Off Grid

Fridge & Freezer Food if Power Goes Out
(click to view or download)


Managing Water Supplies
How to ensure you have safe water for your needs during a disaster.

NOAA 2011 Info Sheet NOAA Extreme Weather Information Sheet
Key extreme weather web sites, telephone numbers, radio and television stations, etc. for Southwest Florida including Manatee County.
Important InformationImportant Papers
What if you evacuate or go to a shelter and your home is severely damaged or destroyed? Here is a checklist of some important documents you may want to bring with you.
FAMILY DISASTER PLANNING | Lakewood Ranch Community Emergency Response Team